What exactly can candidates see?

Candidate Access 

The candidate has access to the same workspace the interview has access to, same functionalities.

Before the Interview:

If the candidate connects to the interview too early, before the interviewer started it, she/he will be redirected to a waiting page. The candidate won't have access to the interview environment until the interviewer starts the interview.


During the interview:

During the interview, the candidate has access to the same environment functionalities of the interviewer, including (1) the file editor on the left, (2) the main code panel and (3) the terminal console below.

In terms of workspace, the candidate can do the following:

  1. Start the call with the interviewer
  2. See the Environment stack (top corner) to check the technologies he/she's working on
  3. Click the Stargate button, and see the internal/external container ports


The interviewer, on the other hand, can:

  1. See the candidate invitation link
  2. End the interview
  3. Write thoughts on the Interviewer note panel

None of the three options is accessible to the candidate.

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